Take any challenge in your life and use it as fuel for increased development. Thriving in life requires balanced inner and outer work.

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Improve your mental strength and inner balance


Can you stay focused and optimistic when the world around gets increasingly more uncertain? It might starts with a radical shift in how you approach mental well-being. In this course, Thomas Orboe introduces you to an innovative work/private-life balance for a chaotic world. Through the course 'The High Performer', you will learn to increase your effectiveness without compromising your inner balance and well-being. You will learn to find clarity and a stable center – even in the most uncertain and hectic environments. 

This course will teach you how to identify the weak points in you that reflect in your professional life and how to use them as catalyzers for increased growth and development both personally and professionally.

If you follow the program and do the exercises, you and your surroundings will notice your development and growth in JUST TWO WEEKS.

That means:

  • You'll know yourself better and thereby eliminate your weak points
  • Keep an eye on the target and learn to maintain a continuous focus on that one thing that will lead to the success you seek.
  • Enhance inner discipline, so you don't let worries steal the mental space from your time with family.
  • Most importantly, you'll get well-documented mental techniques that can be used at any time in any situation.
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Teaching: Online
Time invested per day: 15 min. - 30 min.
Support: Daily email support plus weekly live Q&A sessions with Thomas 
Format: Video education, laptop, tablet, or phone. Download material such as worksheets, guided meditations, and mp3 audio files. 

Do you recognize these challenges?

  • Financial uncertainty influences the quality of your life.
  • Your worries take too much space in your mind, and you're not fully present with your family.
  • The insecurity that makes you less innovative and creative that blocks the development in your life.
  • The challenge of being productive in a lockdown. The Challenge of keeping a focus in a home environment.
  • Inner pressure due to uncertainty about the future of your business or career. 
  • You don't know how to structure your life optimally as things around you are uncertain and the time under pressure is unknown.
  • You don't feel good enough.

You'll get a step by step guide for optimal work/private-life balance and mental strength.

'The High Performer' provides tools and techniques to manage any crisis. Business, relationships, health. YOU are always the central aspect of any life situation. An increased understanding of your mind's stress points will prepare you to take stress as fuel for growth rather than fuel for burnout.

Key points in 'The High Performer'

After the course (if exercises are done), you will be able to:

  • Identify the OFF button in your mind.
  • Handle stress of various kinds in large amounts.
  • Structure your day for optimal performance.
  • Know "where" to find inner peace and tranquility. 
  • Keep a steady and continuous focus upon a self-chosen area.
  • Gain 'ME TIME' and convert the time spent on yourself into increased quality in your work or private life.
  • Increased physical and mental strength
  • Become the captain on your ship, in full integrity.

What our customers say

Morten Christensen / Partner at Kennedys Law
Years back Thomas introduced meditation to me, originally as a tool to help me get my sleep. This first step kickstarted a very powerful journey for me.
Under careful, strong and unparalleled guidance, Thomas has lifted my understanding and focus to a special place that I can always visit and carry with me in troublesome times and as a tool to perform for the right reasons.
Helene Ruby Brandt / Head of compliance at MobilePay
I have gained fantastic and really valuable results from working with TOconsult and Thomas, and I am happy to give them my best recommendations.
By applying the tools I have learned in the process, I have become far more efficient - I perform the same in less time. I have found a good rhythm in everyday life that gives me balance and an increased focus, which improves my performance in all contexts. Furthermore, I have gained a more positive approach to challenges, and I have learned to be more present in the here and now.
Filippo Zaccaria / Associate at PwC
After a turbulant period in my life, Thomas helped me establish a sustainable work-life balance and guided me with easy to apply excersises.
Thomas is one of the most intelligent, present and life-experienced coaches I've ever worked with, and it goes without saying that every professionel can benefit greatly from Thomas' presence and coaching.
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