Did God rest on the 7th day? Or did he just transcend and laid back watching us trying to find out what’s up and down?
Rest and relaxation are of paramount importance when living a high-performance lifestyle. Resting is fundamental in life. Rest or relaxation should have its own dedicated time. Small moments just for this, or even learning to relax in intense activity as well. We can see our energetic system like a grid of water hoses. Watering a garden. If we are tensed the water hoses contract and little water can make its way to the garden. If we relax the water hoses relax and expand and the nurturing water will flow easily to the garden. This is off course a highly simplified analogy. But not far from how we work as humans with blood vessels, lymphatic systems, meridians, and so on. If your mind is to at its highest gear then you also need to own the opposite. Being fully relaxed. Learn to relax in speech, in action, in focus. Aim for a relaxed body so the energy, blood, lymphatic fluid can flow unhindered through and take care of the regenerative and rebuilding processes that continuously are in motions. Relax. Relax the mind. Think sharply, have a laser-like focus. But do it relaxed. Not tensed. But don't let it deplete you from energy. Learning to relax while being focused you’ll find yourself in the state of flow and can work continuously for hours without fatiguing.
In the last decade, I’ve spend intensely studying the yogic philosophy and practiced the yogic techniques for concentration and meditation. One thing that fascinated me in the very beginning was how these yogis could sit for 3 -5 or more hours, perfectly still with steady focus without falling asleep. More than the technique in use I found that attitude was the most important factor here. Being relaxed and learning how to have a calm focus facilitate a high-performance lifestyle without the normal burnouts.

At my personal peak. Meaning where I had most on my plate at once. I would have 12-14 clients daily going home to my studies and taking care of my girlfriend and social life as well. At weekends I went to school. (To learn this stuff) and I felt like flying. I eliminated all dead weight from my life, meaning - social media, Netflix, unnecessary Smalltalk. But instead, I prioritized training, study, and spiritual practice. I went to work relaxed. Went home from work relaxed. If I had peak moments where I had to keep lectures, facilitate larger workshops, etc. I would execute the best I could while being relaxed in the middle of it. Over 4 years I finished 1,5 full-time studies while working 50 hours pr week. I had a fulfilling relationship and had time for travel and "me" time as well.
It is possible. Not easy, but simple. It requires firm choice and steady and continuous willpower. Lots of love for life and willingness to sacrifice the noise.
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