Gain high ground and lead from inside

The Reset and Upgrade is a unique online program that turns the attention inwards and helps you to regain clarity, strength and direction in uncertain times as now. The program is designed to help you find and maintain the direction for your carrier, business and life for you to generate the results you truly aspire. Reset & Upgrade course is not the usual plug out and retreat-kind of course. On the contrary, the golden key in this course is to learn how to maintain balance while life is at full speed.  

What you can expect from this course 

  • Discover the extraordinary state of dynamic balance, learn to fully experience life while staying in full pace motion  
  • Increased clarity, achieved by enlarging the range of awareness to all the crucial aspects of life   
  • Ability to navigate life successfully and harmoniously through the power of inner intuition  
  • Clarified priorities  
  • Increased Mental and Emotional Surplus  
  • Improved Time Management  

The course includes 

  • Free intro session with Thomas Orboe  
  • Daily Video Lessons (5 days per week)  
  • Daily lesson’s description email  
  • Meditative exercises
  • Breathing exercises   
  • Concentrating exercises  
  • Additional supportive audio and written material  
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