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Reset & Upgrade

This course is a step by step guide in life management. Three weeks training in inner leadership that will provide mental and emotional surplus and balance. 

Here’s the Flow


My aim with this course is to present you with the matrix behind your own mental structure. The Reset & Upgrade course will provide you the necessary tools and knowhow to take your inner and outer life to the next level. 
The program I’ve created is complex and condensed. I did my best to synthesize some fundamental topics that took me several years to grasp my self. You are going to get them in chunks of 10-20min talks.
However, this is not a free ride. It is not enough just to watch some videos with a bald Dane and his broken English. That will only pack in information in an already crowded mind. We also need to practice. To Walk the talk.  The theory presented in the course serves as a means for your brain to understand its own process of transformation.

However as the saying goes, a gram of practice is worth a ton of theory. In order to get real and lasting results, you’ll need to put in the work presented aswell. We will start out with simple techniques and then I gradually invite you to expand and deepen the practice. I have worked with this structure of teaching the last 12 years and I find it a fascinating journey to study the mind, with the mind, while transforming the mind. I’m sure you will agree with the complexity of this in just a few days. The course lasts 3 weeks.