Can you be faster than your own mind?


“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” ― Peter F. Drucker

To take a courageous decision is often associated with risk and unknown outcome. However, when I ask my clients about their most fulfilling moments in life, they refer to situations where they acted without too much thinking or speculating.

Our mind is an excellent processor. It perceives reality through the five senses and then it processes and translates the collected data to previously stored inner experiences, in order to estimate a safe outcome of the next moment. Such mental strategy, prior to most of our actions, is predictable and rarely extraordinary. Of course, it has its own space in life, but it can become boring and flat if it becomes the dominant way of behaving.

More and more research these days, such as the HeartMath Institute, is proving a new science-shaking paradigm on how we humans act and react when we are in the present moment. New evidence also shows that when we surpass the data processing part of the mind, we can access faster and more efficient levels of the mind.

Everything “known” is a safe ground for the mind, as it does not have to act or react spontaneously according to the experienced present moment. When we enter a new situation, which can be a new job or a new relationship, our nervous system is highly active in order to perceive as much data as possible, so that we do our best sort to speak. We are often highly concerned about how our environment perceives us. Our minds will conduct our behavior according to the collected data from the environment and then, select our next move carefully, chosen from our attachments to comfort. What to say and what not to say and all sorts of things, in order to be validated. This can be demanding, energy-consuming, and not necessarily beneficial. If we dare to be our self, in full integrity and rely on the impulse we perceive in the present moment we would discover completely new perspectives. In other words, we would encounter the state that science now referred to as "the state of flow". These are the days when you simply find the right words exiting your mouth in a business meeting, without even have to think first. These are the days when you know exactly how to respond to your children's cry without having to analyze it. This state takes courage but it can elevate your professional and personal life to entirely new and full-filling heights.

When acting in and from the present moment, it is like jumping into the unknown, without being able to estimate the desired outcome. Not only is this where the thrill is, but it is also where our inspirations and genius ideas spring from. When we dare to follow up on a genuine inspiration, without the delay of an over-analyzing mind, then we go from ordinary to extraordinary. From smart to the genius and from efficient to high-performer.

How do we do this? meditation masters have practiced this for centuries. The art of living is the art of staying present in life while living out the highest version of our self. Not merely acting, behaving, and working from the mind. Learn to operate from the heart and let the mind be the primal servant. This is Inner leadership.

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