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I to be a soldier, then I became a Yogi. Now I help people gain optimal balance in life.

I believe that every human being has an inborn wish to be fulfilled by the essence of their own being - to be genuinely happy and content.

In a hectic world, the need for a peaceful state of mind – the foundation for gaining maximum quality of life – is facilitated by a balanced lifestyle.

My mission in life is to help people become a complete version of themselves by living a successful and balanced life.

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What our customers say

Morten Christensen / Partner at Kennedys Law
Years back Thomas introduced meditation to me, originally as a tool to help me get my sleep. This first step kickstarted a very powerful journey for me.
Under careful, strong and unparalleled guidance, Thomas has lifted my understanding and focus to a special place that I can always visit and carry with me in troublesome times and as a tool to perform for the right reasons.
Helene Ruby Brandt / Head of compliance at MobilePay
I have gained fantastic and really valuable results from working with TOconsult and Thomas, and I am happy to give them my best recommendations.
By applying the tools I have learned in the process, I have become far more efficient - I perform the same in less time. I have found a good rhythm in everyday life that gives me balance and an increased focus, which improves my performance in all contexts. Furthermore, I have gained a more positive approach to challenges, and I have learned to be more present in the here and now.
Filippo Zaccaria / Associate at PwC
After a turbulant period in my life, Thomas helped me establish a sustainable work-life balance and guided me with easy to apply excersises.
Thomas is one of the most intelligent, present and life-experienced coaches I've ever worked with, and it goes without saying that every professionel can benefit greatly from Thomas' presence and coaching.
Nadia Ingerslew Ingwar / Manager at Kennedys Law
Thomas facilitates a high level energy, and during my course we trained my body and mind in a way and with outcomes I have never experienced before - the sessions has offered me a different perspective, a more open approach to both my work and personal life, and a general feeling of well being.
Lars Axboe Caspersen / Principal Consultant
I can really recommend using Thomas and TOconsult. I have attended two courses over seven and three weeks. With shorts daily video sessions I got a daily push of motivation, awareness and insights that made me reflect on my situation. Through the courses I have gained a stronger focus on where I want to be and which direction I am on. It has contributed to changes I have made in my life. Both in daily routines and in a larger perspective where I have adjusted my direction which have helped me on my path to a more fulfilled life.

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