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Life mangement

Gain high ground and
lead from inside


Life mangement

Gain high ground and
lead from inside

I used to be a soldier, then I became a Yogi. Now I help people to gain fulfillment and a maximum output of life. 

I believe that every human being has an inborn wish to be fulfilled by the essence of their own being - to be genuine happy, and content.

For many, they focus on the things they can upgrade here and now: wealth, relationships, or physical appearance. Not to say that this is irrelevant, but this is all temporary. In a hectic world, the need for a peaceful state of mind – the foundation for gaining maximum quality of life – is facilitated by a balanced lifestyle that nurtures the human basic needs.

My mission in life is to assist people into more complete version of themselves through living a successful life of inner and outer realizations. 


Thrive as a High Performer 


How do you execute at your absolute best as a high performer?

Learn how the same principle can be utilized when dealing with both time management and stress management while ending the day with a mental-emotional surplus.

You will be introduced to:

- Proven mental techniques for a continuous efficiency in action

- Gaining increased surplus for your next meeting, as well as your family home

- Be relaxed, but sharp even in the most hectic environment

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The Reset & Upgrade Course

The Reset & Upgrade Course is a step by step guide in life management. Three weeks training in inner leadership that will provide mental and emotional surplus and balance.

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The High Performer Course

The High Performer Course is for you who wants to thrive in a high paced lifestyle with maximum efficiency at your desk hours with accompanied increased quality in every other area of your life.
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Through working with TOconsult and Thomas, I have become far more efficient. I perform the same at my job in less time. I have found a good rhythm in everyday life that gives me peace and an increased focus, which improves my efforts and participation in all contexts. Furthermore, I have gained a more positive approach to challenges, and I have learned to be more in the present moment.
It is clear that Thomas has given me some tools that I can use more and more in my everyday life, and in cases where it does not succeed, Thomas is able in a short time to help one find a way regardless of the challenge you face.
Helene / PwC
My first meeting with TOconsult was a tailor made Reset & Upgrade course which consisted of daily video lessons, weekly worksheets and practical exercises - all carefully made to start the journey on getting to know myself better. The course really struck something within me, and I reached out to Thomas immediately after and was lucky to book a 3 month course, where we met twice a week.
Thomas facilitates a high level energy, and during my course we trained my body and mind in a way and with outcomes I have never experienced before - the sessions has offered me a different perspective, a more open approach to both my work and personal life, and a general feeling of well being.
Nadia / Kennedys Law
I can really recommend using Thomas and TOconsult. I have attended two courses over seven and three weeks. With shorts daily video sessions I got a daily push of motivation, awareness and insights that made me reflect on my situation. Through the courses I have gained a stronger focus on where I want to be and which direction I am on. It has contributed to changes I have made in my life. Both in daily routines and in a larger perspective where I have adjusted my direction which have helped me on my path to a more fulfilled life.
Lars / Independent

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